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Rebecca Rizzo-Freedom

The sense of Beauty is at the heart of all mystical Experience.

There is such Beauty, Wonder and Awe in our Universe. From the smallest atoms and quarks, to the greatest galaxies and constellations of stars in the sky, there is Beauty and Wonder everywhere. We are part and parcel of everything around us We are part of the Great Inter-Connectedness. We, too, are part of that Beauty.

Yet, all too often, we forget. We may forget to laugh. We may forget to play. We may forget to seek and find the Beauty all around us. We may get caught up in the humdrum of our lives, in the minutiae and the mundane, in the numbing monotony of the ordinary. And we may forget to experience that sense of Awe, Wonderment and Reverence that is at the core of our Lives.

Yet, all around us there is Beauty. All around us is Connectedness. All around us lies the Evidence of the Sacred. And all around us are the manifestations of an Unseen Power.

One thing I like to do is help people remember. To remember the Beauty, the Wonder, the Awesomeness all around us. To remember to smile, to laugh, to dance, to celebrate. To remember Who we are, What is truly important, and What happens when we say ‘YES" to the great Mystery.

If you’ve been feeling forgetful lately, I’d be honored to help both of us remember. If these words tickle your curiosity, feel free to contact me.


Polarity is one of my favorite modalities. It is a holistic system which can encompass some or all of the following: gentle rocking movements, both light and deep manipulations, deep breathing, diet, emotional work and exercises for stimulating and balancing the flow of Life Energy in the body. Blockages caused by trauma, negative attitudes, stress, poor diet, etc., impede this flow, thereby inducing conditions of distress and dis-ease. By opening up these blockages and balancing energy flow, Polarity works to restore your health, vitality, and sense of well being. I find Aroma Therapy, another holistic system, to be a great benefit in all sessions. Please feel free to request it.